Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bedazzled Cowboy Hats and Squeezing Christians

Dear Dictaphone,
I fell asleep last night to an episode of Boy Meets World. I woke up to... Shawn Michaels (yes, the wrestler) giving his testimony on a religious show. I already know his story, and it's a wonderful story with a happy ending (so far, because in the words of the immortal Monty Python, "He's not dead yet!"). However at the insane hour of five-dog-trying-to-push-me-out-of-bed-why-didn't-I-set-the-coffee-maker-last-night-thirty am, seeing a wrestler in what looks like a crazy bedazzled cowboy hat that his daughter must have picked out for him (because I don't care how many times you've been the World Champion, if your baby girl tells you to wear a bedazzled cowboy hat on a religious show, you will wear a bedazzled cowboy hat on a religious show) giving his testimony of faith next to whatshisface Robison, I'm guaranteed to question whether I'm really awake.
This run-on sentence brought to you by I Couldn't Wait To Start Reading Chrysoula Tzavelas' New Book So I Was Up Late Even Though I Knew I Had To Be Up Early To Wake Up My Kid and Again Why Didn't I Set The Coffee Maker Last Night. I make no apologies.
It was followed by Joyce Meyer talking about no matter how pretty a Christian is on the outside, you don't know what they're really like until you squeeze them.
Oh dear.
I hope this isn't a sign of what the day is going to bring.
Please go ahead and look up his story. It's pretty darned inspiring. Shawn Michaels, not Robison. People should read Chrysoula's stories too. All of them. And no, I don't have links. If you can read this, you should be able to Google for yourself. I haven't had any coffee yet.

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