Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Guess what day it is.....

No, not "Hump day". It is, indeed Wednesday. Specifically, June 3rd, 2015. And today is a special day.

It's a birthday. Not my birthday, not any of my kids' birthdays. No. It's much more important than that...

Bigger and better than that.

Today is my nearest and dearest friend's birthday.

Miss Sandy Dee, who has been there for me through all sorts of nonsense, who is my Official Photographer because she will not allow a bad picture of me to exist and is a Photoshop Goddess, who provides me with coffee and mimosas and shares my love of All Things Benedict, including Cumberbatch and Breakfast Items, and with whom I will end up retiring to a cottage in Ireland on the ocean where we can be those creepy old American women with dashing young men around to do maintenance, is celebrating her Eleventy-Billionth Birthday today, whether she wants to or not. (She's not really Eleventy-Billion, although it often feels like it. But a lady doesn't reveal her age. And neither will I.)

In the 12 years we've been friends, I have never really acknowledged her birthday, because she generally doesn't pay much attention to it. But this year, I am making up for eleven years of missed birthday wishes. If I'm lucky, she'll still like me by the time I'm done. Heh.

Oh, speaking of Benedict Cumberbatch, it took some work, but I got some contacts to get him to wish her a happy birthday...

I know he says Samantha, apparently the name got mixed up along the way. It's really for Sandy, I swear...

While I was being ambitious, I tracked down another of our favorites, Tom Hiddleston. He was in Australia, and got the request while at a bookstore, got the whole group to sing along...

He had to pretend it was for a fan there to get them to do it, but he was really sending the birthday wish to Sandy. Really.

If you know Sandy, if you see Sandy, wish her a happy birthday. Get excited for her. Because she is an awesome, amazing, beautiful person. She deserves the best, so much better than she often gets. She's a phenomenal mom. An excellent friend. And the craziest ginger leprechaun I know.

Love ya Sandy. Hope today is half as great as you are. And you still like me by the end of the day. Especially since I think we're supposed to have Coffee at some point.

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  1. We shall still have coffee (though rescheduled for tomorrow) and I still like you...though I will be plotting a proper 'reward' for you ;)

    Love ya back :D