Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Late night, post-book-finishing ramblings... Also, a tip on books you should read. Because I said so.

Dear Dictaphone,

I should be asleep. But I'm not. I had a pretty darned good day today, and finished it by completing my first reading of Chrysoula Tzavelas' latest book, Citadel of the Sky. There will be a review soon. Keep watching.

Afterwards I had a chat with Ms. Tzavelas regarding the book and her writing overall. Online, as we're on opposite sides of the country. But I am exceedingly privileged to have such a talented author as a friend.  It's always helpful to be able to yell at the author directly, if virtually, when they do things to a character that make you mad. Even when such things make sense and help make the story amazing. Because darn it, you care about the characters and... Oh yeah, you actually have to remind yourself that it's a book.

This particular book didn't make me mad. It just made me want the next one now.  Which means you should totally check it out and buy it and read it. Just keep in mind that this is not fifty shades of sex slave or dragons of tomorrow or some other formulaic series where you have that safe buffer of Authorial Voice protecting you from the experiences of the characters.

Without realizing it, you will be drawn into the characters' minds, seeing the world from the perspective of whichever the focus is on. And having that focus change almost imperceptibly as the tide of the text shifts and rolls. It's mental exercise, but it is so worth it.

So yeah, that was today.

There was also work. Which was less surreal than it has been. Apparently the Full Moon hangover* of this past weekend has passed. People were acting more human today in general.

And the weather seems to be settling sort of maybe. At least enough for sinus pressure to relax.

So... Clearing head, better work experience, and dizzyingly fabulous reading. That was my day. How was yours?

*Full Moon Hangover: The phenomena of people in general acting unusually in various, hard to explain ways in the days immediately following the Full Moon. Extremely noticeable by those who work in customer service. And no, I didn't make the phrase up. One of my cohorts did. But it suits the situation perfectly.

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